Britains leading exponent of World Terrain Visualization and 3D mapping
Changing the way we look at things.....
Welcome to Geo-Innovations;
Britains leading exponent of World Terrain Visualisation and 3D mapping.
Geo-Innovations Glass Globe

We are map makers, pure and simple and here on this unique mapping website you will find a description of the services we supply to government agencies, utilities, authors, publishers and tourist organisations.

•Using the latest copyright free digital elevation sources, GEO-INNOVATIONS has created a fresh and powerful approach to relief representation and panoramic mapping.

• This has been done by bringing together traditional cartographers and 3D animators in a fusion of techniques never before applied to cartographic material. This newly emerging field of cartography has only just begun to
show its potential for presenting cartographic relief data, and Geo-innovations is at the forefront of its
development in the UK.

• Recognition of the unique qualities of the Geo-Innovations facility has come through commissions from many of the worlds leading publishing houses and media corporations; Harper Collins, National Geographic, Reader's Digest The Discovery Channel, and Dorling Kindersley etc.

From the most accurate global databases available, GEO-INNOVATIONS' cartographers and animators create high resolution relief images and stunning panoramic visualisations for the atlas and general publishing industries.

Whatever your requirements, from sketch map to an atlas series we have something very special to offer!

Geo-Innovations, 5 Church Drive, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Bay, Conwy. North Wales LL28 4LL
Tel: +44 (0)1492 547975 - Mobile: 0787 625 5601

Welcome to a new world of cartographic imaginations.